Elevate Slack Experience for Team Productivity

Unleash your team's potential with Assort - the All-in-One App for Slack. Streamline work and enhance communication with seamless integration for Slack.
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Maximize ChatGPT with Slack

Have you thought about using ChatGPT for your entire team? Harness the power of AI and stand out from the competition.

Reasons to Use ChatGPT with Assort

Setup-free and operation-free
You can use it just by installing the app for Slack. As it is cloud-based, no operation is required.
Privacy Consideration
We do not retain any of our customers' conversation data. There is no need to worry about data leakage.

Create Surveys in Seconds

Say goodbye to complicated survey tools. Assort Poll is the easiest and most intuitive on the market!
Multiple Voting
Vote on multiple options within a single survey.
Additional Options
Add more options to your survey after submission.
Hidden Voter Names
Create surveys with hidden voter names from all participants.
Analytics Dashboard
Easily analyze survey results with graphs and charts.

Attendance management on Slack

No more need for managing work hours on Spreadsheets or Slack posts. Try Assort TimeTracker for effortless time management.

Slack-first Design

One-Click Attendance Logging
Assort enables you to log attendance and work hours with just one click on Slack.
Manage Activities by Channel
With Assort, you can easily set up attendance systems for each channel.
Slack Sign-in for Dashboard
Access our dashboard easily with Slack sign-in. Say goodbye to multiple logins.

In-house Q&A System

Accumulating Corporate Knowledge through a Q&A Mechanism. Eliminate repetitive inquiries and focus on important tasks.
Accumulate Q&A Data
By repeatedly asking and answering questions, knowledge is accumulated, eliminating the need for repeated questions.
Integrated with Slack
Slack notifications when asking or answering questions prevent anything from being overlooked.
Incentivize Answers with Ranking
You can 'like' helpful answers. A ranking system based on 'likes' encourages more responses.
Advanced Search System
Supports vague search terms, allowing quick access to the answers you're looking for.

Centralization of In-house Glossary

Have you properly compiled your company's specialized terminology? Assort centralizes glossary for cross-departmental and cross-location information sharing.

Streamlining Glossary Management

Complete Everything on Slack
Searching, adding, deleting, and editing in-house terms can all be done solely on Slack.
Manage Synonyms or Alternative Terms
For example, the term 'CPA' can be associated with synonyms like 'Cost Per Action' and 'Cost Per Acquisition'.